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"Enhancing Retail" - Retailer Engagement, Trade and Communication (RETCO)

Client: MTN

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MTN is the largest telecommunication company in Nigeria with over 57 million subscribers. Established in 1994, MTN operates in over 22 countries across the Middle East and Africa. MTN Nigeria sought to establish focal engagement with its retailers and also  provide access to a myriad of products. This was all in a bid to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.


Softcom, In partnership with Foxconn and Intel delivered the MTN Retailer Engagement, Trade and Communication (RETCO) platform which comprises of:

The Device: This is a bespoke all-in-one device with an embedded thermal printer, NFC reader and EMV card reader. This device has a multi-point touch screen and runs a full instance of the Android OS (version 5.1). A standard 2 year warranty was also provisioned for the device alongside nationwide technical support program for devices. The Mobile Application: The Retailer Engagement, Trade, and Communication mobile application developed by Softcom enables the MTN Retailer to achieve the following:

  • Receive targeted information pushed from MTN.
  • Send insights to MTN on both MTN and competitor activities.
  • Sell a myriad of MTN products and services within the app.
  • Fulfill offers sent to them by MTN.

The Admin Console: The RETCO Admin console enables the MTN manager to achieve the following:

  • Push information and surveys to retailers.
  • Collect insights and survey reports from retailers.
  • View and analyze sales data from retailers nationwide.
  • Perform permutations and analyze real-time data for informed decision making.


Through the Retailer Engagement, Trade and Communication (RETCO) platform, MTN has been able to achieve the following:

  • Increase revenue by consciously sensitizing the retailers about intangible products such as Caller Tunes and Caller feel.
  • Gather competitive feedback on key business metrics.
  • Conduct retail surveys and make instant key decisions as regarding them.

  • Push promotions, offers and marketing information to Retailers

  • View real time analytics on Retail activities driving sales. 

  • Track retailer trade performance (and other metrics)  and offer instant rewards to these retailers.