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"Knowing your place in the market" - Trade Visibility

Client: MTN

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MTN is the largest telecommunication company in Nigeria with over 57 million subscribers. Established in 1994, MTN operates in over 22 countries across the Middle East and Africa. MTN Nigeria’s growth rate was on the rise and they needed to measure the reach of its branded merchandise against its competitors’ across the Federation. The telecommunications giants also wanted to efficiently determine the extent of subsequent visibility investments.


Softcom delivered a Trade Visibility Evaluation exercise for MTN and its competition. Using our innovative Data Beaver solution developed for Field Force Management, we deployed survey agents across 178 cities in 35 states of the country to measure MTN’s visibility share in comparison with its competition. To ensure prompt and quality delivery, we adopted a 3-step approach in measuring trade visibility across various locations and states in Nigeria. At each stage we conducted a quality assurance check so the end result would deliver a true reflection of MTN’s current visibility in comparison to its competitors. The MTN Trade Visibility Evaluation exercise is carried out three times every year and a report is generated and sent to MTN headquarters Nigeria.


Following the trade visibility studies carried out by  Softcom on behalf of MTN, the following results were achieved:

  • 30% savings on visibility investments by decrease in production of certain redundant branded merchandise.
  • Overall increase in MTN’s visibility share across all regions of the country.
  • Informed merchandise planning and procurement, delivering increased return on investment.