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Beyond the classroom - Edusocial

Client: Covenant University

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Covenant university is ranked the number one private university in Nigeria and is located in the western part of Nigeria, Ota Ogun state. The school runs with a mission to To create knowledge and restore the dignity of the black man via a Human Development and Total Man Concept driven curriculum employing innovative, leading edge, teaching and learning methods, research and professional services that promote integrated, life-applicable, life-transforming education relevant to the context of Science, Technology and Human Capacity Building and with over 7000 students and counting they decided to approach Softcom to help develop a strategy that will improve the overall learning experience in the school.

Covenant University sought to foster collaboration between lecturers and students and provide every student with access to learning resources and a host of academic and non-academic life essential content anytime and anywhere in the world.


Working closely with the academic planning unit, Softcom spent 4 weeks understanding the faculty structure of the institution, and evaluating the existing academic facilities and resources. We had several interviews with the key stakeholders of the institution to understand the academic objectives and align on the requirements for a successful programme. This enabled us develop a Mobile learning solution which was inclusive of a Learning management system called “Edusocial”. The entire mobile learning solution comprises of the following:

Mobile Device: Each student received a Mobile device (Samsung Galaxy tab) that aggregated all the contents and applications of this solution.

Mobile Device Manager (MDM): as part of the solution, Samsung Knox was added as an enterprise Mobile Device Manager which helps to enforce Covenant University’s unique policies and locate the devices if missing or stolen.

Learning Management System (LMS): In order to facilitate access to learning resources and a host of academic and non-academic life essential content anytime and anywhere in the world, we developed Edusocial. The application powers the university’s objectives and expectations with the Mobile Learning Project as EduSocial aggregates all the learning resources ranging from class notes to the databases the university subscribes to.

Support: The Support Centre is the engine that is responsible for managing the entire 7000 devices from an issue resolution point of view.


This solution created a robust platform through which information could be managed and disseminated effectively to students individually, in groups or all at the same time. The solution was used to drive collaboration within the student community by enabling work group communication and individual messaging. Other results include:

  • Over 7,000 students and 1,000 lecturers connected.
  • Improvement in learning experience and outcomes, 60% increase in overall academic performance.
  • Improvement in personal study among the student community—86% of the students confirm improvement.

Redeemer’s university and Mountain Top university are one of the top private universities in Nigeria and they have also implemented the mobile learning solution in their schools. Both schools decided to add an extra component to the solution, which is “Mobile Data”. This was added to improve the over all effectiveness of the Edusocial experience. Softcom worked with MTN as the service provider.