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Privacy Policy

Our digital products terms, privacy, acceptable use, and cookie policies, copyrights.

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Privacy Policy

Softcom takes the privacy of its users as top responsibility and will in no circumstance abuse this trust by disclosing, exporting or managing our user’s personal information in a manner that is contrary to this Privacy Policy. Our Privacy policy is designed to help our user’s understand the way and manner in which we use and manage their personal information and also assist them in understanding how to manage, update and delete their information.

Softcom is a technology company on a mission to connect people and businesses with meaningful innovations. We design, develop and deploy a wide range of services that helps people and businesses solve, interact and explore new opportunities.

The Information we Collect

Softcom collects personal information through its interaction with you or through your interaction with our products. Some of this personal information is obtained by your interactions, use and experiences with our products and services, however, our collection is dependent on your privacy settings, products and features you choose to use. In certain circumstances, we obtain your personal information from third parties who subscribe to our products and services. It is advisable that you read the Privacy Policy of the product or service you are subscribed to for detailed information.

Your use of our products and services are exclusively your prerogatives and you reserve the right to either provide or decline in providing such personal information. In the event that you decline to provide such necessary personal information, you may not be able to use such product or services and in certain circumstances, an applicable feature of that product or service. Sometimes, we are required under certain legislations and regulations to obtain your personal information, if you choose to decline providing us with same, you will be unable to use our products and services and in cases where your personal information is necessary for the consummation of a contract with Softcom. Please be informed that in the circumstances where personal information needs to be obtained for an existing product, if you choose to decline we shall have to suspend or cancel the provision of our products and services to you.

How we Use your Personal Information

Softcom uses your personal information to provide rich and interactive experiences for users. Particularly, your personal information is used for:

  • Product personalization and suggestions to users’;
  • Improvement and development of Products;
  • Provision of value added services such as updating, securing, support and troubleshooting; which is inclusive in the service provided based on your request.

Your personal information also assists in our business operation such as legal obligations, workforce development, research development and performance analysis. In achieving these purposes, your personal information is combined from those obtained from different contexts or those obtained from third parties in order to achieve a seamless, consistent and personalized experience which enables us to make informed business decisions and use for other legitimate purposes.

Why we Share your Personal Information

Softcom shares your personal information upon obtaining your express consent, completion of any transaction and the provision of any product or services which you may have requested or authorized. Softcom also shares personal information with Softcom’s controlled affiliates and subsidiaries only when necessary and for the performance of a specify obligation or purpose. When necessary, Softcom may also share personal information with Vendors working on its behalf; with law enforcement officers or third party when required by law or in response to a valid court order or as part of a legal process; or when necessary for the protection of lives and properties; maintenance of product security; protection of customers and the protection of Softcom and its users.

How to Access and Control your Personal Data

Softcom respects your freewill in how we use your data. You have a choice to control the use of your personal information that is within Softcom’s custody, thereby exercising your right of access. Your choice of accessing your personal information is dependent upon the products or services for which you are subscribed. Your right of access enables you to determine and control the adverts you receive based on your interest and preferences; receiving of promotional emails, short messaging service, telephone calls and a choice to delete your account totally.


Cookies are small text files placed on devices to store data which can then be recalled by a web server by the domain which placed the cookies. Softcom uses cookies and similar technologies for tracking your preferences and settings; enabling and providing you with interest based advertising and analyzing our products and services.