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The Evolution of Technology in Consumer Marketing

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Event Overview

Businesses constantly have to make tough decisions and there is a visible need to address complex management and marketing challenges. To do this successfully requires companies to make cultural, organisational and functional changes as we are heading towards a world that is more digital, more global and more instantaneous.

The FMCG companies in Nigeria need to view technology as an integral component to expanding promotional marketing strategies which will in turn solve some of the challenges of the FMCG industry, such as constantly changing consumer preferences, margin pressures, market share/price wars, complex distribution networks and strict reporting regulations.

This is a timely event where we can discuss innovative solutions that would help businesses, including the FMCG sector to thrive and achieve transformational growth during these times.

"Contingent upon the changing consumer behavioural patterns and needs, there is a noteworthy move in key choices FMCG corporates need to become accustomed to. Using Technology and automation to understand the behaviour of consumers and their patterns alludes to data about a particular section of people that educates an organization’s engagement technique.
This event creates an opportunity to discuss how technology is applied in consumer marketing and what the future looks like. We would also explore innovative avenues to foster consumer loyalty and stickiness.
We look forward to having you at this webinar as it promises to be insightful and enlightening"

- Lela Omo-ikirodah VP, Softcom Enterprise Solutions

  • How can I make insightful decisions that are driven by data?

  • How do I apply technology in consumer marketing?

  • Do I know my consumers and their buying pattern?

  • How is technology removing barriers and challenges in engaging consumers?

Register to join the webinar live for your chance to ask questions and engage in the discussion!


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