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Technology Driven Automation and Incentive to Unlock Consumer Insight

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Event Overview

Constantly changing consumer preferences, margin pressures, high-quantity sales, complex distribution networks and strict reporting regulations, are some challenges of the FMCG industry. Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies are making use of technology to beat long-standing challenges and build on emerging opportunities in an evolving marketplace.

Technological innovations will revolutionize the way we relate to one another and how we do things. We will have a wealth of information from many sources at our disposal, enabling companies to adapt their offer to the consumer much more precisely.

Technology advances in the areas of business intelligence and analytics provide unprecedented visibility and insights in real-time to rapidly identify issues or opportunities. Process automation can now perform what were labour-intensive tasks in an instant, substantially reducing costs. In the not too distant future, predictive analytics and AI will be the next wave of technology that will drive business success.

"Contingent upon the changing consumer behavioural patterns and needs, there is a noteworthy move in key choices FMCG corporates need to become accustomed to. Understanding the behaviour of consumers and having insight into their patterns alludes to data about a particular section of people that educates an organization’s engagement technique.
This event creates an opportunity to discuss and explore innovative avenues to foster consumer loyalty and stickiness.
We look forward to having you at this webinar as it promises to be insightful and enlightening."

- Lela Omo-ikirodah VP, Softcom Enterprise Solutions

  • Do I have sufficient knowledge about my direct consumer?

  • Do I know my consumers and their buying pattern?

  • How can I reward my consumers directly without any interference?

  • How can I make insightful decisions that are driven by data?

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