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Leveraging Data


Leveraging Data To Drive Inclusive Policy, Revenue Generation & Improved Governance

In partnership with National Bureau of Statistics

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Event Overview

Leveraging Data To Drive Inclusive Policy, Revenue Generation & Improved Governance in Nigeria is a timely webinar focused on discussing the new roles and opportunities for technology to aid economic inclusion through Data in Nigeria & the African continent at large.

Despite recent and rapid advancements in digital technology on the continent, significant challenges remain in the leveraging of data for impactful transformation. A deficit of data that can inform whole–system answers threatens to impede policies that lead to inclusive growth — an economic pillar of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Hosted by Softcom Limited in partnership with the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), this webinar is aimed at providing timely, expert information and practical strategies coupled with an opportunity for collaboration.

“This event is a fine opportunity to explore existing technological innovation and solutions that can help fast-track inclusive policies, revenue generation and improved governance.

The ability to make effective decisions is necessary for any government organization’s continued existence in today’s turbulent and highly unpredictable environment. For firms, organizations and governments to evaluate alternatives and make informed choices, they must have reliable and timely data with which to base their decisions.

I look forward to the conversations and insights that will arise from this webinar. I hope you will join us.”

- Yemi Onagoruwa, VP, Softcom Public Sector.

  • Precision

    How to get detailed and real-time information on the integrity and validity of the collected data.

  • Clarity

    How to gain clarity into your organisation's operations by the effective collection of data about your organisation or community.

  • Reach

    How to access data without limitation. Collect data from various locations worldwide- online and on-field, irrespective of agent availability.

  • Growth

    How to leverage insights from data collection to improve and grow your organisation.

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