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Growing Nigeria


Achieving Sustainable
Development in Nigeria

Leveraging technology in achieving the SDGs

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Event Overview

Achieving Sustainable Development in Nigeria - Leveraging Technology is a timely webinar focused on discussing the new roles and opportunity for technology to aid the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in a world of COVID-19.

This is a major downtime for the Humanitarian and Development sectors in Nigeria. There is a worldwide food, health, economic and social crisis and COVID- 19 can exacerbate the existing burdens and double the number of people suffering by the end of 2020.

How can we improve the lives of millions of Nigerian citizens by providing access to education, financial services, identity systems and Data for informed decision making? This webinar is aimed at providing timely, expert information and practical strategies coupled with an opportunity for collaboration.

“This event is a fine opportunity to explore solutions that can help us thrive during and after the COVID-19 and redesign current Humanitarian and Developmental efforts in ways that move us from reliance on archaic methods to more modern and technologized systems.

Our company’s human-centric core means that we are deeply invested in solving for inclusion and the SDGs align with our goals. I look forward to all the conversations and insights that will arise from this webinar. I hope you will join us.”

- Yemi Onagoruwa, VP, Softcom Public Sector.

  • Operations

    The holistic impact of COVID-19 on the working environment, supply chains and overall operations.

  • Education and Learning

    How has COVID-19 affected learning systems and how can digital learning.

  • Food Security

    The road to economic recovery, livelihood programmes and building resilience.

  • Identity

    The need to deliver value directly to people in need and enhance social inclusion.

  • Technology

    Human-centred technology and how it can influence delivery and efficiency for programmes and overall sustainable development in Nigeria.

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