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Interface Developer

Softcom was established in 2007 and we are a group of professionals whose overarching goal is to add value to our businesses and communities in Africa.

We transform companies by building several technologies, giving organizations clear roadmaps to achieve business objectives, automating operations, and becoming more visible in an ever-expanding internet-driven world. Our specialist software applications and devices are used in large-scale programs that organize and manage education, identity, payments, and people.

Our ultimate vision is to build an engineering company that will improve the way we live, learn and work in Africa and our culture and values in a nutshell speak to placing our customers as priority, working hard, being passionate about what we do (and having fun in the process!) and working together as a team to deliver quality . Our Company is full of ordinary people with extraordinary minds who desire to do extraordinary things!

Job Profile

As an Interface Developer, you are a “designer who codes”, a typical day might include the following:

  • Collaborating with Backend Engineering team to understand the business logic and data modeling agreed on by that team for a particular product.
  • Converting prototypes from UI to high-quality HTML/CSS code.
  • Building interactions and animations in CSS and JavaScript.
  • Collaborating with Frontend Engineering to ensure static code output is suitable for that team’s desired system and make incremental updates to code as desired.
  • Participating with team in usability interviews, tests and studies in order to deepen knowledge of nifty ways to increase a product’s usability, desirability, and value.
  • Sharing product/service/feature discussions, discovery, exploration, and understanding.
  • Co-creating buyer/customer personas with team and Marketing department.

You’d be a good fit if:

  • You possess an innate passion to solve problems, a drive to stay engaged, learn and level-up quickly.
  • You have a passion for helping and contributing to a growing development teams.
  • You have a strong understanding of HTML/CSS screens, code components, animated/interactive demos.
  • You possess significant experience using the following skills VS Code, Git (Github + Bitbucket), Jekyll, Liquid (templating engine), Sass (CSS preprocessor), Pen & Paper, and Todoist.

The role reports to the UI/UX Manager.
To apply, kindly send an email to