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Tackle the most challenging problems facing organizations and communities in Africa.

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What's it like to work at Softcom

From our Staff

Softcom is a place of purpose, value, creativity and inspiration and the people here are the special ingredients to the magic we create.

The essence of this organization is best expressed in our mission:“Connect people and businesses with meaningful innovation”; as technology represents truly one of the ways to bridge the wide gap in development in all areas of our lives.

At Softcom, you get to work and interact with a team of highly skilled and professional project managers, business analysts, designers, developers and engineers —just like you.

We don’t just offer jobs. We are welcoming you into a company with a crucial mind-set: solving some of Africa’s biggest challenges through technology.

  • Third annual Softcom Award
  • Sofcom Soccer League final
  • Ibiye Jamaica taking the stage
  • Team lead gisting
  • Able people team
  • Thelma discussing life changing issue

Why Join Us?

  • Products with meaning

    We are building a company that leads the innovation process in solving problems for people and communities in our society, through technology.

  • People with meaning

    We value our people as the greatest assets, so we give attention to their welfare, training and development. With the right health-care plan and balanced office meal, you stay fit for the job as we provide you access to the best of learning platforms globally.

  • Place with meaning

    Softcom is very particular about why, where, when and how you work. We have prepared one of the best working environment for you and we call it Ekonovo; an office place that is serene and conducive for creativity.

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