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Join Softcom to Help Those in Need Now!


By Softcom on Jun 19, 2020

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Since the global pandemic confined us to our homes, restricted movement, and shut down a significant percentage of daily trade and activities in the country, we at Softcom have been thinking up ways to help people most affected by the restriction get through this period of uncertainty.

Today, all our thinking has birthed a solution. We are glad to announce HelpNow, an initiative on a mission to help the most vulnerable people affected by the pandemic get back on their feet leveraging the goodwill of corporates and individuals. HelpNow is wholly non-profit and ties into Softcom’s corporate social responsibility to witness happiness and our belief that the people in a society are its best resources.

Even though economic activities are gradually returning to normal, we know that the impact of the pandemic hasn’t been equal. Numerous people have lost their source of livelihood and those who survive on daily income who don’t have the means to take care of themselves and their families, not to mention returning to economic activities. We see these people all around daily and we believe that until all is safe and well, no one is safe and well.

The fact that people need help around us is backed by data - 16% of the global population of people living in extreme poverty are in Nigeria. Across the country, 48% (95.9 million) of people still live in extreme poverty — that is people living below the poverty line of $1.90 per day. For this demographic, the current limitations in daily economic activities have been devastating and spell a serious risk to them.

As we continue to battle the COVID-19 virus, the adherence of the world to stay at home and save lives has been commendable. However, while some of us can afford to continue to stay at home and keep safe, millions don’t have that luxury because for them staying at home is staying in hunger. These are the people HelpNow seeks to help.

To reach them, we have painstakingly worked with the Bank of Industry, Telco’s, and Lagos State government to organize the records of over 2 million of them who have been most impacted by this pandemic. This record consists of data of the poorest households, the aged and physically challenged, and petty traders who are struggling to survive and find their feet.

The HelpNow project seeks to leverage technology to crowdfund resources towards providing financial support for them to take care of necessities, making them better equipped to function in society and take care of their families.

To ensure every kobo donated gets to the beneficiary, we have partnered with Deloitte to provide audit assurance, Ernst and Young to provide governance and operational risk check, Banwo & Ighodalo for legal support and other trusted organizations such as MTN, GTBank, Providus Bank, SANEF, Qrios, John Ashley Foundation and more.

Join us today to make a difference in the lives of these identified people. Even though we can’t help everyone, we believe everyone can help someone. Your N1,000 or N500,000 will ensure that millions of individuals and families don’t go to bed hungry tonight.

Adebayo Aderibole, a beneficiary of the platform said “I really appreciate the help. This is better than having nothing. Thank you”. There are many more like him, let’s together put a smile on their faces. To donate today, visit Our goal is to get N5,000 each to 2 million people and with the help of well-meaning Nigerians like you, we can make it happen.

On their behalf, we say thank you for helping now!

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