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Yvonne Ige

Vice President, Business Development

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Yvonne Ige in brief

Yvonne Ige

Yvonne currently serves as Softcom’s Vice President, Business Development. Her experience in optimising business processes, steering management decision-making through business intelligence, managing cross-functional teams, driving budget implementation and coordinating key projects resulting in revenue and business growth makes her exceptionally valuable in this role.

Yvonne is skilled in building healthy stakeholder relationships, developing the full capacity of teams to achieve set targets, negotiation skills, and analytical skills. She has demonstrated competency in improving service delivery and ensuring client satisfaction in industries such as technology, Oil & Gas, and Financial Services.

She is a Strong Sales and Operations professional with a Master’s degree focused in Petroleum, Energy Economics and Finance from the University of Aberdeen and a Bachelors in Finance from Oral Roberts University.

Yvonne loves giving back to the society and is involved in NGOs for Children and Women. She loves swimming, cycling and badminton.