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Johanna Stamps Egbe

Chief of People, Culture and Organisation

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Johanna Stamps Egbe in brief

Johanna Stamps Egbe

Johanna Stamps Egbe is Chief of People, Culture & Organisation at Softcom Limited. She joined the company in September 2018 after previously working as the People & Culture Manager for Sorbet, the largest beauty salon franchise business in South Africa (with over 200 locations). The work was focused on replicating culture throughout the entire national footprint, working to embed the values of the company in over 2500 employees. Since 2002, she has worked with a series of organizations and initiatives in roles such as corporate social relations manager, marketing coordinator and fundraiser, her focus has been to help people to build a high-performance, purpose-driven culture. Johanna is a graduate of Washington’s American University and also co-authored “The Soul of Sorbet: Building People, Culture & Community” which documented the winning culture of the company. It is Johanna’s passion to support organisations to create transformative shifts in workplace culture. As a result, customers experience the authenticity through service, organisations recruit and retain talent and leaders increase activity on the metrics that matter most to financial growth and success.