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About us

We are focused on solving some of Africa’s biggest challenges in Identity, Education, Payment and Data for People and Businesses.

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What's Softcom & what do we do?

From our CEO

Yomi Adedeji Yomi Adedeji
Chief Executive Officer

Softcom is a technology company which aims to solve problems that will connect people and businesses to value that ultimately improves their lives. We want our products to enable inclusion and growth for people and businesses in Africa.

We are human-centred in our innovation approach, and currently focused on solving problems in 4 foundational areas - Identity, Learning, Payments and Data.

We believe our focus would enable people and businesses to thrive and aid the development of society in sub-Saharan Africa. You are welcome to join us as a partner, customer or prospective Softcomer on our journey to revolutionising our society.

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