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About us

We are focused on solving some of Africa’s biggest challenges in Identity, Education, Payment and Data for People and Businesses.

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What's Softcom & what do we do?

From our CEO

Our ultimate vision is to build an engineering company that will improve the way we live, learn and work in Africa.

Yomi Adedeji Yomi Adedeji
Chief Executive Officer

Softcom is a thinking company on a mission to connect people and businesses with meaningful innovation, at scale. We are human-centred in our approach to problem solving and currently focused on solving problems in 4 foundational areas that enable people and businesses thrive and would open society to improvement, particularly in sub-Saharan African. The four areas are Identity, Learning, Payments and Data.

We have engineered products that are addressing the problems in these areas while our research lab, MoonShot, is focused on continuous innovation to improve the products and engineer new ones within these segments. Our products are PassID (identity), Koya (Learning), Eyowo (Payment) and DataBeaver (Data).

All our products are built towards improving people and business operations in Africa; we always strive to build solutions and technology that will ultimately positively impact the lives of people. With our industry expertise across several sectors, we aim to continually deliver transformational value to people, businesses, and our clients, enabling all-round societal impact.

Our thinking, expertise and products have placed 500,000 young people in jobs and provided access to learning via our learning management system, enabled the delivery of loans to 1 million petty traders — previously unbanked, with the Bank of Industry in Nigeria, provided visibility into trade activity and merchandise deployment for MTN Nigeria which guides it retail strategy and planning.

In summary, we build products that enable platforms and deliver results for programmes.

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